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Funding Opportunities for Women in Business
Business Grants now maintains a database of thousands of funding possibilities, including but not limited to grants, small business loans and investors. Much of the money has been allocated to increase the percentage of woman business owners.

Funding Sources
Business Grants Now provides a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs (Individuals, LLC’s and more) in search of potential funders. Business Grants Now has thousands of funding sources which include Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Federal and State Programs, Banks and Foundations. Business Grants Now makes sure it's program and funding sources are up-to-date, while adding many more on a weekly basis.

Business plan
A business plan is one of the most essential pieces of documentation an aspiring entrepreneur or business person can have. It is useful for bank loans, federal programs, and potential investors. It also assists the business owners to plan their next move according to market trends, budget allowances, and potential growth. Professional writers for a business plan can often cost thousands of dollars.
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Business Proposals
Many of our clients find proposals to be somewhat confusing, and for this purpose our program developers have simplified the process. After filling out a few simple questions, our program will create the customized proposal for you. You can then download the proposal for as many funding sources as you feel you are eligible to apply to.


I signed up because you make things easy to understand. I would recommend your services. my partners and I like the way you have setup the business plan. GoodJob ! .


I was needing help to start my landscaping business. customer service is friendly, helpful, prompt and respectful. the business plan was excellent I love how it was worded. every step was very easy and helpful. i thank your company helping me.


The structure of the business plan was the best. customer service was excellent, courteous and helpful. the business plan is excellent- my words are small to explain the excellent job.


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