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Do I need a Business Plan?
Your Business Plan is an essential document to the aspiring businesswoman or to the established entrepreneur expanding their existing business. It explains to the funding sources your ideas to make your business a success. It also focuses your thoughts on the steps you will need to take as you begin to turn your dream into a reality. A professional, comprehensive Business Plan can make the difference between receiving the money you need or being denied funding.

What is a Business Proposal? Do I need one?
Your Business Proposal is a persuasive document that answers any lingering questions that the funder may have after reviewing your Business Plan. It anticipates any areas in your Business Plan that need to be further explained. It answers the main question, “Why should I/We give you funding for your new business or expansion?”

What is a Grant?
A grant is money/funds that are set aside by government departments, foundations, private companies or other entities. It is awarded and disbursed to individuals or businesses for a specific purpose.

What is a Business Grant?
A Business Grant is money or funds that are designated for specific projects.
Usually the projects are aimed at improving the economy, increasing employment, protecting the environment, improving health or other projects that will be of benefit to the general population or the community. Traditionally, the funding does not need to be repaid.

How can I apply for funding for my business?
You need more than a dream or a great idea! To receive money for your business, you need to provide documentation to the funding sources of your plans for your business. They will want to know what you expect your expenses will be and other important information about your business

Do I need a business plan?
If you are starting a business or expanding your existing business and plan to request funding, then you need to have a business plan to present your idea to the sources of your choice. Business plans usually include a tentative budget as well as a time line for the project. With our assistance and with your ideas, we will create a professional, personalized Business Plan to submit with your application for business funding.

What can I use Grant funding for?
Generally, Grant funding can be used for operating expenses, major equipment purchases, building expenses and other capital expenses. Other covered expenses may include: salaries, marketing, advertising and inventory. Grant funding cannot be used for personal expenses or debt.

Can I be “Pre-approved” or do you “Guarantee” that I will receive a Grant?
There is a process to follow to apply for a Grant. You cannot be pre-approved or guaranteed a grant. Only funding agencies, government programs or other institutions decide who will receive grant funding, after they review your business documents and/or after you meet other specific requirements.

Do I have any money-back guarantee?
Yes! We have both a 30 day and 90day guarantee where you may be eligible for a full refund if you do not find funding or if your are denied funding.

Are there other sources of funding besides grants?
Yes, particularly if you want to start or expand your own business. There are government-backed loans, Angel Investors, and R&D Funding. Sources for these funding opportunities and more are included in our service.

What are government backed loans?
Government backed loans are subsidized by the government so that lenders are protected. Because of this protection, the lenders provide these funds at low or no interest. The funds can be for housing, new businesses or business expansion, depending on the type of funding.

Do you provide grant funding?
No. We are a private company that assists clients to locate and apply to different funding sources.


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